"When a common sword just won't cut it"

Higo Katana


Higo Katana
From Feilong Swords
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Steel – T-10
Nagasa – 27″
Overall length – 40″
Motohaba – 34 mm
Sakihaba – 25 mm
Motokasane – 7 mm
Sakikasane – 5 mm
POB – 6″
Tsuka length – 10 1/4″
Nakago length – 9 3/8″
Sori – 3/4″
Weight w/saya – 3.2 Lbs.
Weight w/out saya – 2.5 Lbs.
Hamon – sanbonsugi (patterns might vary slightly from blade to blade)
Mune – iori

Comes with silk storage bag 

* hamon styles and stats may vary, above measurements and weight are approximate over several batches. pictures above are examples only and may vary slightly from the one you receive.
** old or dried/cured bamboo, wooden dowels, tree branches and similar are considered abusive targets for a katana. Cut hard targets at your own risk and always use caution. These blades are differentially heat treated to produce the authentic hamon and because of this they are prone to bending and taking a set or torque, it’s the nature of the this type of heat treat and they’re recommended for experienced cutters with proper alignment and form. 

The 28″ blade on the Higo katana is wide and powerful and meant for serious use. It has been traditionally differentially hardened using applied clay to produce an authentic hamon, which is as unique as it is functional. To lighten the blade enough to be surprisingly agile, two thin grooves called futasuji-hi are cut into the shinogi-ji along the length of the blade and terminating near the stunning and rare O kissaki. The futasuji hi manage to decrease the blade’s weight as a bo hi would, but without creating as much drag through a target as a single wider and deeper hi tends to.

The classic look of the Higo katana is complemented by a strong blackened steel mokko shaped tsuba with a raised rim and textured face and back. The black gloss inro style saya comes with a black synthetic silk sageo and genuine horn koiguchi, kurikata and kojiri.  The sword is further accented by the beautiful brass habaki, seppa and kurikata shitodome. You may have seen some katana in the market that look like the Higo but this is the original, the one all the copies were modeled after. 

The standard length tsuka features genuine white samegawa panels wrapped in black synthetic silk ito. Blackened steel Higo style fuchi & kashira and a pair of nicely detailed catfish menuki decorate the handle and two bamboo mekugi secure the tsuka to the full length nakago. The factory tsukamaki is very tight and should last through years of regular use.

The Higo katana is a powerful and efficient cutter rated for light, medium and hard targets. It can easily take single or multiple roll tatami mats, to fresh bamboo** and all the way on down to your pool noodles or standard water filled bottles and jugs. The Higo is highly recommended for those looking for a real workhorse katana to use in the dojo as well as in the backyard.

This sword was designed and built to be a first class cutter and with it’s amazing balance, agility and power, it will not disappoint. With the Higo, we weren’t concerned with themes or other expensive features that don’t add to the swords cutting abilities, we were only focused on bringing you the best handling and performing katana we could possibly design and for a price you can afford. With proper care and maintenance, the Higo will last a lifetime and is sure to become your favorite and most reliable go-to daily cutter. The Higo katana is not a shelf queen but what she lacks in bells and whistles, she more than makes up for in pure, raw cutting ability and durability.

With a classic look, no nonsense fittings, solid craftsmanship and built to take on a wide range of targets, the Feilong Higo katana is at the top of it’s class. Proudly, we get to bring you what practitioners in Europe and all over the world have been using and recommending for years. Finally, you get to see what it’s like to cut with a Feilong Higo katana, right here in the USA!

While the Higo katana wasn’t necessarily built for looking pretty on a wall rack and while it may have some cosmetic issues here and there, the overall fit & finish and the “bones” of the Higo makes it stand out from the overload of drop-down-menu swords that only seem to be a great deal on the surface. When you depend on a sword to perform and last, you don’t need surface bling, you need good bones.

The main thing that separates The Feilong Swords daily cutter line up from most of the other Chinese production katana in this class and price range is that all the swords are made by the same highly respected forge. Every blade and all the furniture is made the same from batch to batch and by the same craftsmen. While there might be the usual small differences expected of handmade products, you can clearly see the same traits and marks of quality from piece to piece. You won’t be suddenly surprised by how one Higo or Iwa looks nothing like another Higo or Iwa, as is the case with so many other brands. Feilong Swords is not a typical vendor that sources it’s pieces and parts from all over China, we stick with the same single source, year after year, batch after batch. 

The Higo’s polish is meant for heavy tameshigiri and because of that it can hide the true treasure trove of beauty underneath. Take a look at some of the amazing details of the Higo’s hamon in the below pictures. This blade wasn’t re-polished or enhanced in any way, I just found the best angles and lighting to help make it more visible. These details can be seen on any factory Higo if you know how to capture it. A step above (more like a staircase above) of the average weak “heartbeat” hamon found on most mass produced blades in the market, huh? Yep ;)

Watch a review and test cutting by veteran swordsman John Walter using the Higo katana

Check out Freestyle Swordsman, Seth Griffin reviewing and using the Higo katana




Still only $495 plus shipping!
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No returns or refunds. Please read following statement before purchasing.

The Higo and Iwa Shobu katana are part of Feilong Swords’ dojo cutter line and are not fancy or glamorous swords. They don’t have high level polish or any bells whistles or bling. They could have various cosmetic issues such as reversed end knots and small chips in the paint on fittings, surface scratches on blade, saya lacquer, the genuine samegawa panels may use separate pieces and the hamon may touch the edge in spots but this has been inspected by two top-ranking blade smiths and have been confirmed to be 100% fully functional. In the case of the Higo, because of the O’kissaki which is cosmetic not geometric, there is usually at least some saya rattle. None of the above-mentioned issues affects functionality in any way. This is the same with nearly all production katana on the market, the difference is we are up front about it while others choose not to mention it. We just wanted you to know and understand what these swords are about and that is being designed and built for the purpose of rigorous backyard and dojo cutting. The ito is very tight and the blades are in great shape and they are fully geared for daily cutting of light to medium targets, although they also do well with harder targets such as fresh bamboo and multiple mats. Always use caution when handling and cutting with sharpened swords.