"When a common sword just won't cut it"

The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon is known and feared for it’s ferocious demeanor and deadly arsenal of razor sharp teeth, dagger-like claws and toxic acid breath. It’s body is streamlined and built for speed during flight while also heavily armored and nearly impenetrable to it’s foes. This terrifying Wyrm swoops in silently in the night and unleashes it’s array of weapons on it’s unsuspecting prey. Whether it uses the power of a tornado from it’s huge leathery wings or whips it’s spear shaped tail or just melts all in front of it with acid that will dissolve solid rock, this is one monster you’d definitely be better off avoiding at all costs.

The blade is a vintage Dynasty Forge 1095 Bushi model and in my humble opinion, is one of the best they made. The slender yet powerful, razor sharp blade features a gorgeous gunome hamon with a couple spots of tobi yaki on one side, making it quite unique. The sugata is a classic tori sori shinogi-zukuri with chu kissaki which is fast and agile but also very strong and capable, making it obvious why this was the most successful and long lasting katana style. While the original sword has some years on it, it’s never been used for cutting and only has typical wear for the age.

The original tsuka was cracked and couldn’t be salvaged, so a brand new core was carved for the blade. The new rikko shaped tsuka is inlaid with premium samegawa panels featuring a large emperor’s node, lacquered black and wrapped with velvety soft, black imported Japanese nubuck ito. The Fred Lohman Co. ryu fuchi and kashira set are steel with black patina and the kashira includes a set of fancy brass shitodome. A pair of large, gold-plated dragon menuki are tucked tightly under the wrap.
Two new brass seppa were custom made to go perfectly with the fittings. The brass habaki was in pretty bad shape previously but has been restored as much as possible to a soft satin finish. A Lohman ryu tsuba in steel, tops off the tsuka. 

The saya was also in rough condition previously but had a very nice fit so it was stripped, sanded and re-lacquered in a classic gloss black finish and brand new hand carved black horn kojiri, kurikata and kaeshizuno were added. The katana will come with a black genuine silk kakucho sageo.

Steel – 1095 DH
Nagasa /blade length- 29″
– 42 1/2″

Motohaba – 32mm
Motokasane – 7mm
Sakihaba – 22mm
Sakikasane – 4mm 
Sori/curvature – tori sori 7/8″
Chu kissaki 
Tsuka Length – 10 1/2″
Weight w/saya – 2.96 lbs
Weight w/out saya – 2.38 lbs
POB – 6″

Message or email me to ask any questions you may have before purchasing. International customers are welcome but please be aware that the EU, especially the UK, has been becoming more and more difficult to ship to. Please do your own research to see if you will be able to receive it as I will not be responsible for it becoming lost or confiscated by your country’s customs department. Alternative shipping options/carriers may be an available.

katana will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase via usps priority, insured for full amount. There are no returns or refunds on any custom products.